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How to grow a vegetable garden? There are those who do it for passion and those for profession, in any case cultivate a vegetable garden it means having a precious resource that promises to bring fresh and genuine vegetables to our tables, not to mention the economic savings that will follow. All people who own a plot of land, large or small, should use it for cultivate a vegetable garden is "to collect"Their satisfactions together with collected. This is not the first article that the staff of dedicates to the theme "how to grow a vegetable garden“, In fact the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and vegetables, can be treated in various facets. Let's see together what they are:

First of all, the position must be analyzed, are we cultivating a vegetable garden on the terrace, on the balcony or in the garden?
Grow a Vegetable Garden in the Garden. If we turn to the garden, we need to choose a flat land, sheltered from the wind and exposed to the sun. The size of ours vegetable garden they are a function of the space we have in our patch of land, which will be perfect if we host our crops facing the sun, south, south-east, south-west. In this article, you will find useful tips to start cultivating a vegetable garden.

Grow a vegetable garden in the garden space management. If you are lucky enough to own a garden, don't forget to share yours vegetable garden in areas and dedicate an area to flowers, an area for aromatic plants, an area dedicated to vegetables, an area for vegetables and if possible also some fruit trees. It should be borne in mind that, in addition to the space dedicated to the cultivation real, you will need space to store tools and where to keep bags of fertilizer or composting reserves, also the plants need space for growth, each line should have a distance between one and the other of about 70 cm, each plant in the same row must be separated from the other by a space of 30-40 cm, especially in the case of vegetables with large vegetation, such as broccoli. Below you can find a photo of an area of ​​mine vegetable garden, where it is no coincidence that there are plants that grow in winter and therefore resistant to cold and that do not need any greenhouse, at least in central and southern Italy. In the photo of mine vegetable garden it is possible to distinguish broccoli, well spaced from each other and some variations of vegetables including curly endive and chicory. Only at the bottom can you see some garlic and some onion plants.

Grow a Vegetable Garden on the Terrace or Balcony. If we mean cultivate a vegetable garden in pot, the dimensions, in this case, do not depend only on the space we have but are more strictly connected to the quantity of pots and drawers that we intend to use. Cultivation in pots involves very particular fertilization and soil drainage strategies. You can learn more about the subject in our guide entitled "Cultivation in Pots" where useful tips are available for choosing the soil and the pots themselves. If you think of cultivate a vegetable garden on the balcony or terrace, you must accept the limits imposed by plants, in fact not all vegetables are suitable for growing in boxes and pots. TO this link you will find out which plants are best suited to the cultivation of a vegetable garden in pots and understand when to start sowing and thus organize yourself for the timing to dedicate to the harvest.

Irrigate a vegetable garden. Another factor not to be underestimated is the irrigation procedure. The most recommended is the drip irrigation technique, this system allows you to irrigate the garden without wasting water and time, since often the drip irrigation systems are equipped with a timer that automatically water the plants at temporal intervals. preset. However, if you do not intend to install a drip irrigation system, you can save water and water the plants by following the guidelines that we proposed some time ago in the article "How to water your plants saving money". Another doubt that assails those who are about to understand how to grow a vegetable garden is given by the timing, that is, when should a garden be irrigated? The guidelines of any book would say to water the plants once a week. Unfortunately, those guidelines generalize too much and do not consider the need for every single plant. In the section "How to grow a vegetable garden " could not miss an article explaining When to water the plants.

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