400,000 jobs from waste

The problem of unemployment afflicts a large part of the Italian population and the problem of waste it is a constant especially in southern Italy. If our country began to implement the regulations provided by the European Union, relating to waste management, in Italy an employment rate equivalent to 400,000 jobs would be created in a short time.

Not only would this bring a breath of fresh air to the labor market but it could save as much as 72,000 million euros a year. With such savings, the waste management sector could increase its annual turnover by 42 billion euros exclusively by exploiting the recycling.

The study was conducted by the European Commission, further proof that it disposal illegal gods waste It is not only bad for the environment but also for the country's pockets. The European Union invites Italy to conduct more rigorous inspections regarding the management of its waste that currently cause environmental and economic inconvenience: Italy pays Germani so that waste products from our country are imported into the German state. Germaia uses i waste Italians for energy production. Furthermore, over the years, the waste field has seen an increasingly pressing mafia infiltration, so it is the underworld that manages the waste of Italians stealing money, jobs and damaging the environment.

Unfortunately, many EU Member States, including Italy, do not have adequate infrastructure for separate collection, for recycling and recovery fri waste. Another major obstacle is dictated by the absence of an effective control system. Progress should be recorded thanks to the new initiatives of the Minister for the Environment Clini which provides laws that can be translated into a very simple concept: the polluter pays.

The most disheartening fact is that only recently the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has condemned Italy for violating one of the basic rights of man. Italy was accused of "prolonged inability " because it has not been able to resolve an issue that has been going on since 1994: the waste management in Campania.

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