Retro Evo electric scooter

Not only electric mobility with cars and bicycles, but also with scooters and ultramobile. We have already told you about the Eco2Scooter and today we will introduce you Retro Evo, the electric scooter most driven and loved by the public. It is one scooter practical, perfect for urban centers, for work and leisure: in short, a scooter for every day!

Unlike most low-powered scooters, the Retro Evo it is approved for two people. As with all electric scooters, also for Retro Evo exemption from stamp duty is provided for the first five years. If you compare the Retro Evo with any petrol scooter, you will notice a strong saving both in economic terms and in CO2.

A full tank of electric scooter will cost about 0.50 euros and 684 kg of CO2 will be cut in one year. The scooter is priced at 2,400 euros in the basic version and 2,800 euros in that premium. The available colors are: black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, light blue. With the electric scooter you travel 100 km with only 50 cents!

Data sheet electric scooter Retro Evo:
Motor power: 2000 W
Silicon gel battery
Over 450 charging cycles
Power: 60V, 27Ah
Charging time 5-8 hours
Maximum speed 45 km / h
Autonomy up to 70 km with a driver weighing 80 kg, load capacity 270 kg
Weight 140 kg
Hydraulic shock absorbers
Disk brakes