MobilityTech. Renzo Brunetti (ANM) and the apps for buses

Pay for public transport with your smartphone. If the green pirates of Hackathon, arriving in Naples in June as part of MobilityTech, could fulfill a wish, that of Renzo Brunetti, President of ANM (Neapolitan Mobility Company) it would be this. Naples is ready.

1) The Mobility Hackathons arrive in Naples. What do you expect?

A good participation. I also hope that an event of this type will be able to attract the attention of the media and those responsible for mobility in order to develop greater interest and focus more on the relationship with users. I am thinking above all of young people, who are more sensitive to issues of sustainability and the environment.

2) How would you describe the participation of young people for mobility issues in Naples?

Since I have been in Naples (October 2011), I have been able to see that there is a good willingness on the part of young people to become active protagonists of the city. This was demonstrated by some experiments, such as the Busbynight initiative on facebook and, on the occasion of the America's Cup which took place in the Gulf of Naples from 7 to 15 April, the development of an app for locating public transport services and the main tourist sites.

3) Do you think that events such as Mobility Hackathons can improve thesituation?

Yes of course.

4) How do you use the new technologies in ANM today? And how could they bedo you use instead?

ANM has a good supply of traditional technologies, such as those for locating buses and infomobility at stops. The aspect of innovation to be developed today is the interface with users, in order to take advantage of new platforms such as smartphones and tablets. It would be needed above all for the flow of data to users and the opposite flow: from users to business management. Still with a view to improving the relationship with users, we are building a special department that will deal with social media.

5) What are the major mobility problems in Naples, from your point of view?

Lack of investment and inadequate fleets. In general, we are paying for the financial crisis that is affecting Regions and local authorities in the South.

6) How aware and sensitive are citizens with respect to the issue of mobilitysustainable?

There is good awareness. But more can be done by supporting it with more investments and services. This fact proves it: in these few months, the councilor for mobility Anna Donati has experimented with a series of initiatives aimed at modernizing mobility and has been rewarded and understood by public opinion.

7) What would you ask of a “magic wand” app for the mobility of Naples? And for ANM?

The app that everyone would like is the one that allows you to pay for public transport with your mobile phone: it should be an app that can work like microchip cards, valid throughout the country and on all security systems.

Interview byMarta Abbà