Organic, simple rules and country policeman

Even the country policeman could help agriculture. The proposal to establish a figure of this type, or revisit it given that something like this already existed in the past, is part of the 13 recommendations that the programmatic assembly on the development of ecological quality agricultural chains has made in anticipation of States General of the Green Economy which will take place in Rimini on 7-8 November as part of Ecomondo-Key Energy.

Alongside the instances concerning the regulatory simplification, the soil defense, the promotion ofbiological agriculture, the tools to increase theyouth employment, the agricultural world therefore seems to feel the need for more attention to legality, above all of analysis and investigation of the new frontiers of crime.

Today Italian agriculture has many firsts. An example of this is organic farming which employs 48,000 people and operates on 9% of the cultivated area, or products with a high qualitative and environmental value with a growing export of up to 30 billion. But even more could be done by involving citizens and society in giving value to the places where it is produced and in building environmental protection measures as an irreplaceable competitive lever.

Against the loss of soil - he has declared Stefano Masini, manager of the Environment and Territory area of ​​Coldiretti - the only antidote is to do more agriculture, counteracting the phenomena of relocation and impoverishment of the country in terms of economic, identity and employment. For this - he added - it is necessary to promote short supply chains, protecting biodiversity, preserving and disseminating local knowledge, culture and traditions, strengthening the maintenance of the territory, aware of the characteristics and identities”.

Here the 13 proposals released from the programmatic assembly in Rome (18 September) capable of affecting the enhancement of agriculture in the protection of the environment and of making agricultural supply chains the levers for the development of green economy Italian:

1 - Remove the regulatory obstacles, which still delay the rationalization and eco-efficiency objectives of the supply chains;

2 - Preserve the intended use and stop the consumption of agricultural land, including through the destination other than the current one of the urbanization costs, especially to be used for environmental protection and requalification purposes;

3 - Promote multifunctionality and pluri-activity in agricultural areas, in particular by entrusting agricultural enterprises with the supply of goods and services aimed at the maintenance of common goods;

4 - Protect natural resources to guarantee biodiversity with the collaboration of farmers who are recipients of subsidized tax measures;

5 - Launch a plan of works and infrastructures aimed at securing and stabilizing the territory, also using resources already allocated to the so-called great works remained unfinished or unauthorized;

6 - Introduce a set of credit and tax measures capable of affecting labor costs in order to encourage the hiring of young people as well as support the purchase of products green;

7 - Affirm the value of precaution and prevention in the way resources are used, with particular regard to the use of innovative technologies;

8 - Promote the development of agroenergy through microgeneration and small-scale plants operating within a short supply chain with prevalent use of production residues present in the area;

9 - Safeguard the use of water resources by encouraging rational irrigation methods through the reuse of water and the construction of small reservoirs;

10 - Promote practices that allow to increase and maintain organic soil fertility and carbon sequestration;

11 - Build a transparent framework of rules in communicating to the consumer the characteristics of foods, their territorial origin and the methods of production processes in order to promote responsible choices;

12 - Promote organic farming and other activities of high ecological quality to safeguard rural areas, increase the income from agricultural activities, stop the flight of young people from the countryside and increase youth employment;

13 - Improve attention to legality in the agricultural sector and in rural and mountain areas, placing resources and men at the service of the community with the ability to analyze, investigate and penetrate the new frontiers of crime also through the modern and revisited function of country policeman.

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