CycleUshare, vertical charging station

At the University of Tennesse -Knxoville University- one turns absolutely by bike, indeed electric bikes and thanks to the first vertical charging station there are no problems with autonomy. Is called CycleUshare and it is a project by electric mobility reserved for campus students. Every charging station it has 10 workstations, seven of which for electric vehicles and three for the traditional ones and distributes the bikes and their batteries fully charged.

How does it work?
The student must insert the identification card in order to borrow the bicycle and the recharge to be installed. After using the service, simply place the battery in the charging slot and the bicycle in the appropriate box. CycleUshare it was designed by professor of civil and environmental engineering Chris Cherry in collaboration with recent graduate Shuguang Ji.

The charging tower was developed with emissions and potentials in mind impacts on the environment: every single station is powered by solar panels. In this way, further energy savings will inevitably be obtained, without neglecting the efficiency factor. The project from 2010 to date has been so successful that in the city of Knoxville they are considering replicating it as a management system bike sharing.

Without doubt this is a project that could prove to be decisive for urban centers with a high rate of traffic. The presence of these stations could encourage the use of electric bikes at the expense of four-wheeled vehicles. The advantages? Respect for the environment and the consequent reduction of stress for those who live in urban centers. There electric bicycle remains the means to "assisted traction‚ÄĚLess invasive with which to move.

CycleUshare is a system of sustainable mobility which requires a certain level of civic education and unfortunately not all centers are ready for this. Italy will be put to the test with the Roman bike-sharing program.

Video: BaseLynx White Modular Charging System (June 2021).