Agate, properties and crystal therapy

Agate, properties and effects on the chakras.Benefits of agate in crystal therapy, chemical formula, variety of agate, where to find it and how to use it.

Agate, properties of the mineral

L'agateis a compact, fibrous variety ofquartz. Its particular structurezonedit can also be admired with the naked eye thanks to the layers of color.

Its reference chemical formula is: SiO2 + Al, Ca, Fe, Mn. Agate is therefore a mineral that is formed by the rhythmic deposition of silica and containsaluminum, calcium, iron and manganese.These elements accumulate in small or large cavities of basaltic rocks; it is the way of accumulation and growth that gives theagate stone that characteristic striped coloring. There are several varieties of agate such as, for example:

  • Fortress agate
  • Moss agate
  • Fire agate
  • Red agate

When other crystals completely fill the heart of the agate we speak ofAgate almond, if the agate is empty inside, it is called a geode.

Agate and chakra

Therecrystal therapyis defined as a form ofpseudoscientific alternative medicine. This technique aims to exploit the alleged powers of crystals to restore physiological and psychic equilibrium.

This method associates each crystal with one of the severalchakra. THEchakraconnected toagateare different, because the mineralogical forms ofagate.

In the photo above, sections of blue agate, quartz, purple agate and brown agate.

THEchakras connected to the AgateI'm:

  • First chakraMuladhara (Root) for black and gray stones.
  • Second chakraSvadhishthana (Abdomen) for theagatemore common, that is, with streaks of warm tones and mainly orange and red.
  • Third chakraManipura (Navel and Solar Plexus) for the stones ofagate with a prevalence of yellow.
  • Fourth chakraAnahata (Heart) for green and pink, musky varieties.
  • Fifth chakraVishudda (Throat) for the blue one and this stone has many similarities with lapis lazuli.

Agate, properties in crystal therapy

Theproperties of agate in crystal therapythey differ according to the variety of agate and therefore to its color. Based on the color, the agate can be associated with various elements and chakras.

The element of fire is associated with brown agate (sardonyx), black agate and red agate.

The earth element is associated with black and white agate, moss agate and green agate.

The element of water is associated with blue agate which, as stated, shares its properties with lapis lazuli.

Agate, benefits

In crystal therapy L'agateit is considered a protective stone for the whole organism.

Among its benefits and effects we point out that of protecting the fetus and pregnant women. It is the bearer of prosperity so it is considered useful in countering sterility and impotence.

Therecrystal therapyassociates agate with the ability to counteract muscle cramps, back pain and headaches. The agate would be able to protect and fortify the kidneys, lungs, stomach, liver and brain.

Like lapis lazuli, agate strengthens vision and is useful in counteracting conjunctivitis and other eye diseases.

L'blue agate sharpens concentration, improvesself-awareness, strengthens logical thinking, clarity and emotional intelligence. L'red agate it strengthens the self-image and gives confidence. The brown and black agate gives realism, stability and practical sense.

In all its varieties, theagatepromotes harmony with oneself and in relationships with others and stimulates the balance between Yin and Yang.

How to use agate

Agate can be worn in the form of various pendants or jewelry but the best effects, according tocrystal therapy, are obtained by placing agate stones at the border corners in environments where you spend a lot of time.

By placing agate stones in the home, disharmony of all sorts would be mitigated and removed, improving the relationship between the various family members.

If the same agate is to be used to obtain physical benefits, it will be necessary to wash it preliminarily under running water. Water manages topurifyagate freeing it from the disharmony accumulated over time.

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