How to save drinking water

Water recovery, maintenance of pipes, mixers and differentiated dispensing trays. There are numerous ways to save drinking water and considering that in 2012 the increases also involved this asset, save drinking water it is more than convenient. Until a few decades ago, water seemed an inexhaustible and inexpensive commodity but today we have realized that it is not so:water it is an indispensable but limited resource. This is why each of us must commit and understand how to save drinking water, water saving can be achieved through small but fundamental measures.

The use of mixers and differentiated dispensing tanks. A big waste of water it occurs when you try to mix hot and cold water to get a lukewarm temperature. Installing water mixers on the taps allows you to save water obtaining the desired temperature faster. Another critical point is the flushing of the toilet, the traditional one consumes almost 10 liters at each flush and this amount of water is not always really necessary. To avoid waste and ensure a water saving, it is advisable to choose differentiated dispensing trays that have a double button. It has been estimated that if the toilet drains used 6 liters of water instead of 9, domestic water consumption would decrease by 10%.

Washing of dishes, fruit and vegetables. Washing the dishes is necessary, if you do it in the dishwasher, it is advisable to start the appliance only when fully loaded. If you wash by hand, then it is necessary to use a basin and minimize the time in which the water runs in the sink. For every minute of running water, an average of 20 liters of water are consumed. Save drinking water it is possible by using basins in which a few liters of water are placed and then wash what is needed and rinse only at the end under running water. The same stratage can be used for washing fruit and vegetables: immersing the vegetables in a bowl full of water also allows adequate cleaning and guarantees a water saving.

Water maintenance and recovery. The pipes in the apartments, as well as the taps, require particular care. Small losses may seem insignificant but they are not at all when it is calculated that they are constant. Therefore, a further method for save drinking water is to check the pipes and not delay in any repairs. Recovering water is synonymous with savings and a healthy lifestyle: reusing boiling water to cook other food allows you to recover nutrients that would otherwise be dispersed in the sink. L'water cold in which the pasta has been cooked or in which the vegetables have been washed, it can be used for irrigating plants and flowers.

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