How to open the oysters

How to open the oysters: instructions onhow oysters openwith or without oyster knife (tool to open them). How to open oysters in a pan or raw. Useful tips for opening oysters without creating dust and calcareous debris that would end up dirtying the pulp.

How to open oysters: tool for opening oysters

In the kitchen we find a knife for cheese, a knife for bread, one for meat ... but there are two really essential blades: the knife to fillet the fish (it has a thin and very flexible blade) and the knife to open the oysters!

L'tool for opening oysters it is nothing more than a “small dagger”, a pointed knife with a short blade (about 6 cm) and designed to penetrate the bivalves so as to raise the valves (the two shells) without damaging the pulp. So, put away unnecessary tools and make room for what you really need in the kitchen!

The knife to open the oysters it's not that expensive either. Among the best I point out one with a blade (6 cm) in steel enriched with carbon fiber; the knife in question can be bought “on this Amazon page” with 10.35 euros and free shipping costs. It is from an anonymous brand but, when my oyster knife gave way (the blade slipped out of the handle!) I bought it and I must say that it is well made.

The purchase can also be combined with a plastic handle that holds the oysters in the phase of opening… In reality, I have never felt comfortable with this accessory and I consider it completely superfluous. Beginners can buy it to avoid getting hurt: when using the oyster knife you have to exert a lot of pressure and, holding the oyster with your left hand, just let the blade slide a few millimeters to meet your skin! So inopen the oysters pay close attention.

How to open oysters without a special knife

Yes they can open the oysters without a knife specific? If you have it at home, you can readjust a vegetable knife (paring knife) which also has a short blade… however the blade is not very strong. If at home you have a knife with a rigid, short and robust and above all pointed blade, you can readjust it, however for the low cost, I strongly recommend that you choose a specific knife so as not to damage the shell and not produce that annoying dust that will smear the pulp. If you really don't want to buy the knife to open oysters, read the suggestions in the last paragraph.

How oysters open

For safety, if you are a beginner, wear anti-cut gloves or use a kitchen cloth to fold at least in four and, with your left hand, hold the oyster holding the narrowest part of the seafood pointing towards your torso. .

It is important to use a thick cloth because the knife, slipping, could cut your underlying skin.

Hold the oyster by placing the flat valve upwards. Introduce the tip of the knife in correspondence of the hinge, to do this you will have to exert pressure. Once the tip of the knife has penetrated, turn the blade first to the right and then to the left ... that's it, you have opened the shells.

Sink the rest of the knife into the oyster and do it following the flat valve (the small knife will have to touch the upper flat valve so as not to damage the pulp), follow the valve and spread until the seafood is completely open.

How to open pan-fried oysters:opening the oysters without a knife

Oysters can also be opened using the heat, but in this case, the most attentive could recognize the difference on the palate: even a minimal amount of heat can alter the intense flavor of the oyster, so be careful to act to a minimum!

Place a couple of fingers of water in a very large pan or pot. Add the oysters and cap. Bring the water to a boil and let it "cook" for 6 minutes, in this way the valves will open much more easily and you will not need a specific knife.

Cooked oysters

Do you want to try cooked oysters? Then surprise your guests with an ethnic evening based on oriental cuisine. Here is the recipe for copper soup or soba and tips on where to find the ingredients without breaking the bank.

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